Conference Rules

SCL 24th Biennial Conference & 50th Anniversary

1) ALL presenters at SCL Conferences are expected to be current members, i.e., in good financial standing, of the SCL. This includes joint authors not present. Click to become a new member or to renew membership.

2) Students must be currently registered in the academic year of the conference and must supply a student ID number and proof of registration from their institution. According to the SCL constitution, an undergraduate or postgraduate student enrolled in the regular academic year as a candidate for a degree in a recognised tertiary college or university may become a student member on payment of dues. Student membership shall be limited to a maximum of six (6) years.

3) ALL authors are expected to confirm by email and/or by pre-registering online that they will present their papers at the conference. Any author unable to present may make arrangements directly with the Secretary to have his/her paper delivered by another (named) member. In such cases, the absent author must pay a registration fee to cover conference administration costs. This also applies to joint authors not present.

4) ALL authors are expected to submit their full papers by the deadline date.

7) While not a rule, the organisers are always grateful to accepted presenters for their advance notification of cancellation.


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Did you Know
Berbice Dutch Creole is a now officially extinct (2005) Dutch-based creole spoken in Berbice, Guyana. View more Caribbean country profiles. View more Caribbean country profiles.
Did you Know
Dr. Frederic Gomes Cassidy was first President of the SCL from 1972-1976. Dr. Richard Allsopp was Vice President and Dr. Denis Craig was Secretary.

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