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2020 Publications by our Membership

Ideologies of linguistic research on small sign languages in the global South: A Caribbean perspective
Ben Brathwaite

Academic interest in sign languages in the global South, especially those that developed in small signing communities has grown rapidly in recent years. Many basic questions about what researchers have to offer to such communities remain largely neglected. Supposedly neutral theoretical constructions of such communities and languages may in fact apply exoticizing and objectifying labels, and lead to research which is insufficiently grounded in the realities and concerns of community members. Read More

Talking about Food - The Social and the Global in Eating Communities
Susanne Mühleisen, with Sofia Rüdiger
All humans eat and all humans speak – activities which in social life often, but not always, co-occur: We talk while eating and drinking with others, but food is also a prominent literal and metaphorical discursive topic which contributes to establishing communities and identities. This omnipresence of eating and drinking in our daily lives has led to a public fascination with foodways. Read More.

Language, Race and the Global Jamaican

Hubert Devonish and Karen Carpenter
This book examines the racial and socio-linguistic dynamics of Jamaica, a majority black nation where the dominant ideology continues to look to white countries as models, yet which continues to defy the odds. The authors trace the history of how a nation of less than three million people has come to be at the centre of cultural, racial and linguistic influence globally; producing a culture than has transformed the way that the world listens to music, and a dialect that has formed the lingua franca for a generation of young people. The book will be of particular interest to students and scholars of Caribbean linguistics, Africana studies, diaspora studies, sociology of language and sociolinguistics more broadly. Read More.


A wowtu buku fu Nenge(e) Tongo (Dictionnaire de la langue nenge(e) - aluku, ndyuka, pamaka
Bettina M Migge

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