John Reinecke Prize

Prize Winners, UWI Jamaica


Winners of the John Reinecke Prize at The University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, Department of Language, Linguistics and Philosophy, Faculty of Humanities and Education, Jamaica.

Year of Award Awardee (Country of Origin)
2014-2015 Sashann Dixon  
2013-2014 Elizabeth Levy  
2012-2013 Narda Crystal-Gail Rattray Jamaica
2011-2012 No recipient --
2010-2011 Tina Samantha Whyte Jamaica
2009-2010 No recipient --
2008-2009 Gavin Heuon Samma Jamaica
2007-2008 Chevaun Onell Bowen Jamaica
2006-2007 Ruthan Alecia Maitland Jamaica
2005-2006 Ruby-Rose Demetrius Jamaica
2004-2005 Tasheney Francis Jamaica
2003-2004 Daidra Smith Jamaica
2002-2003 Nicole Scott Jamaica
2001-2002 Joseph Farquharson Jamaica
2000-2001 Joy Howard Jamaica
1999-2000 Michelle Thompson Jamaica
1998-1999 Juliana Duncan Jamaica

Prize Winners:
UWI, Barbados | University of Guyana | UWI, Jamaica | UWI, Trinidad and Tobago


Did you Know
Kromanti, spoken by the Eastern Maroons of Moore Town, Jamaica, is a language variety related to the Akan language cluster of West Africa. View more Caribbean country profiles.
Did you Know
Jamaica comes from the Taino word "Xaymaca" meaning "Land of Wood and Water". Visit our FAQs page for more interesting facts.

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