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Mervyn C Alleyne (2016)

Mervyn Alleyne’s international significance as a Caribbean scholar and linguist cannot be captured in a simple listing of his academic achievements. Not only was he a scholar who brought important new ideas to debates in the study of creole languages, but he also inspired and encouraged many others and acted as role model and mentor for younger linguists.

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John Holm (2015)

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Thomas B. Klein (2014)

Thomas B. Klein, PhD, was an associate professor in writing and linguistics at Georgia Southern University. As a professional linguist he specialized in the linguistics of Gullah/Geechee, Creole languages, and Chamorro, the indigenous language of Guam and the Northern Mariana Islands. He worked extensively with the modern Gullah/Geechee communities of South Carolina and Georgia to translate Turner's original recordings. He was the author of numerous articles in the area of Gullah/Geechee studies and published Simplicity and Complexity in Creoles and Pidgins with Nicholas Faraclas (2009).

Professor S R Richard Allsopp (2009)

Richard Allsopp served as the second President of the Society for Caribbean Linguistics from 1976 to 1978, and was elected an Honorary Member of the Society in 1994. His last SCL publication was The Case for Afrogenesis and The Afrogenesis of Caribbean Creole Proverbs (OP Nos.33&34, July 2006) , edited by his former student and SCL Past President, John Rickford.

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