Current Executive Committee

Past Presidents


President - Clive Forrester, University of Waterloo
My research interests include courtroom discourse analysis, Creole linguistics, the relationship between language, gender and sex, and language advocacy/policy. My most recent conference presentation at the Society for Caribbean Linguistics 21st biennial conference, looked at language issues encountered by Jamaican Creole speaking witnesses in Ontario courtrooms and how linguistic analysis can be used to resolve and/or clarify some of these issues. I am also in the process of completing an exploratory study on Caribbean perceptions of hate speech.


Immediate Past President - Jo-Anne S. Ferreira, Senior Lecturer in Linguistics, UWI, St. Augustine
My research and teaching interests include the history of Portuguese language and culture in the Caribbean, South American French Creole varieties, (socio)phonetics, contact linguistics, and Bible Translation. I am a Senior Lecturer in Linguistics and a member of SIL International (Americas Area). I am currently President of the Society for Caribbean Linguistics (SCL).


Vice President - Joseph T. Farquharson, UWI, Mona
I am a tenured Senior Lecturer in the Department of Language, Linguistics and Philosophy, and Deputy Dean for Graduate Studies and Research for the Faculty of Humanities and Education at The University of the West Indies, Mona. I was formerly a Visiting Researcher and Adjunct Lecturer in the English Department of the Albert Ludwigs Universit?t Freiburg. My research interests are Creoles, Lexicography, Dancehall, Morphology, Syntax.

Secretary - Ronald T. Francis, UWI, St. Augustine
I am a PhD candidate in Linguistics and a part-time Assistant Lecturer at The University of the West Indies, St Augustine. My research interests include Language Transfer, Creole languages and music, Creole phonology, and French-lexicon Creoles.

Treasurer - David Frank, SIL International
I am an SIL International Senior Consultant in Linguistics and Translation. My specialties are descriptive linguistics, lexicography, Creole languages, and discourse analysis, with extensive involvement in the Caribbean and West Africa. Due to my work with the Kamo language of Nigeria, I was recently given the title of Nunge le Nuba Maa a Amirka, or “Ambassador [literally, ‘face’] of Kamo to America.”

Publications Officer - Shelome Gooden
Bio to come.

Officer - Korah Belgrave, UWI, Cave Hill
My reseach interests include Barbadian Standard English, Bajan Creole English, teaching English to speakers of a related vernacular, teaching English to speakers of other languages, language and communication in the Anglophone Caribbean, language and the media, establishing language standards.

Officer - Shyrel-Ann Dean, UWI, Mona
I am a dedicated educator serving the Jamaican education system for over twenty years, and counts among my contributions to education the teaching of Literacy and the development of Literacy and Reading Programmes up to the secondary level. I am currently a full-time Academic Literacies instructor at The University of the West Indies-Mona, Jamaica in the Department of Language, Linguistics and Philosophy, Faculty of Humanities and Education, where I am pursuing an MPhil/PhD in Linguistics.

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