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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Biennial General Meeting (BGM) to elect officers was not held and has been postponed until the staging of the next conference in Trinidad, 2022. As a result, the 2018-2020 executive committee has agreed to stay in their present portfolios and will continue to serve the SCL until the next schedule BGM in 2022. 

The Society for Caribbean Linguistics at its Biennial General Meeting held at the Universidad Nacional de Costa Rica on Wednesday, 8 August 2018 elected/confirmed the following persons to serve for the 2018-2020 term:

President - Jo-Anne S. Ferreira, Senior Lecturer in Linguistics, UWI, St. Augustine
My research and teaching interests include the history of Portuguese language and culture in the Caribbean, South American French Creole varieties, (socio)phonetics, contact linguistics, and Bible Translation. I am a Senior Lecturer in Linguistics and a member of SIL International (Americas Area). I am currently President of the Society for Caribbean Linguistics (SCL).

Immediate Past President - Silvia Kouwenberg, UWI, Mona
My research is in Creole Linguistics with an emphasis on morphology, prosody, and the historical processes and social context of creole genesis in the Caribbean. My research focuses on Berbice Dutch, Papiamentu, and Jamaican Creole.

Vice-President - Joyce Pereira, University of Aruba
I have taught Dutch and Papiamento didactics at the Instituto Pedagogico Arubano. I am now retired and recently completed my PhD at the University of Curaçao Dr Moises da Costa Gomez (formerly University of the Netherlands Antilles) on the position of Papiamento in the education system of Aruba.

Secretary - Clive Forrester, University of Waterloo
My research interests include courtroom discourse analysis, Creole linguistics, the relationship between language, gender and sex, and language advocacy/policy. My most recent conference presentation at the Society for Caribbean Linguistics 21st biennial conference, looked at language issues encountered by Jamaican Creole speaking witnesses in Ontario courtrooms and how linguistic analysis can be used to resolve and/or clarify some of these issues. I am also in the process of completing an exploratory study on Caribbean perceptions of hate speech.

Treasurer - René Zúñiga Argüello, Purdue University
I am a researcher and professor of English and Linguistics at Universidad Nacional in Costa Rica. Having studied at Universidad Nacional, and Universidad de Costa Rica, he has lectured and published articles on structure, phonology, and other aspects of the creole language from Lim?n, Costa Rica. He is now in charge of the research project: Limón Creole Grammar at Universidad Nacional.

Publications Officer - Joseph T. Farquharson, UWI, Mona
I am a tenured Senior Lecturer in the Department of Language, Linguistics and Philosophy, and Deputy Dean for Graduate Studies and Research for the Faculty of Humanities and Education at The University of the West Indies, Mona. I was formerly a Visiting Researcher and Adjunct Lecturer in the English Department of the Albert Ludwigs Universit?t Freiburg. My research interests are Creoles, Lexicography, Dancehall, Morphology, Syntax.

Officer - Korah Belgrave, UWI, Cave Hill
My reseach interests include Barbadian Standard English, Bajan Creole English, teaching English to speakers of a related vernacular, teaching English to speakers of other languages, language and communication in the Anglophone Caribbean, language and the media, establishing language standards.

Officer - R. Sandra Evans, UWI, St. Augustine
My research interests are in the areas of Forensic Linguistics/language and the Law, Language Rights, Language Policy and Planning, Creole Linguistics, and Endangered Languages of the Caribbean .

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