"New Directions in Creole Studies"

University of Guyana, Guyana, August 11-14, 1976



Allsopp, Richard. "The Case for Afrogenesis"

Benitez, Carmen. "El espanol de Puerto Rico y las tnedencias actuales de estudios regionales cribllos"

Bickerton, Derek. "Creole Tense - Aspect systems and Universal Grammar"

Biringham Jnr, John. "Papiamentu: New Trends in Decreolization"

Buscher, Gertrud. "Oriens ex occidente Lux: Creole Vocabulary and teh F.E.W."

Carrington, Lawrence. "Basilect, Mesolect and Corrective Pressure in the Speech of Some Trinidadian Children"

Cassidy, Frederic. "Revisions in the Dictionary of Jamaican English"

Cave, George. "Some Sociolinguistic Aspeces of Child Play in Guyana"

Christie, Pauline. "A Re-examination of Predicate Marking in Dominican Creole"

Craig, Dennis. "Some contrasts between communication strategies in Creole and Standard English"

De Ariza, Mireille. "Methodology for the Euducation of Monolinguial Haitians: The role of Creole in their Education"

Di Pietro, Robert. "Role Enactment and Verbal Strategies in the U.S. Virgin Islands"

Dreschsel, Emanuel. "The Origin of Afro-Seminole Creole: A Study in Ethnolinguistic Methodology"

Edwards, Walter. "The Sociolingistic Significance of some Guyanese Speech Acts"

Essed, Eva. "The Changing Status of Sranan"

Figueroa, John. "Creaole Studies: Emphasis on Language, Culture Contact or Communication"

Hancock, Ian. "Pidginization and the Development of Anglo-Romani"

Herzfeld, Anita. "Second Language Acrolect Replacement in Limon Creole"

Holm, John. "Copula Variability on the Afro-American Continuum"

Keane, Yvette and Martineau, Mryna. "Proposals for a Common Phonemic Script for Caribbean Creoles"

Lawton, David. "Code Shiting in Jamaican Creole"

Le Page, Robert B. "A Sociolingistic HIstory of St. Lucia from British State Papers"

Mohan, Peggy. "To cois a Koine Theory"

Ralston, Lenora. "Stammering: One Result of Language Interference in a Bidialect Community, Nevis, West Indies"

Rickford, John. "Communicating in a Creole Continuum"

Roberts, Peter. "Hypercorrection as systematic Variation"

Robertson, Ian. "Guyana Dutch: Its History and Implications for Creaole Studies"

Shilling, Alison. "Negation in Bahamian English"

Sprauve, Gilbert. "Dutch Creole: Written-oral discontinuity, and towards complex structures"

Szwed, John. "A Proposal for the Study of Creole Literature"

Tabouret-Keller, Andree. "Variations in the Incidence of Selected Linguistic Features According to Mode of Discourse among Schoolchildren of Belize"

Todd, Loreto. "Cameroon Pidgin in Transition"

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