SCL 25th Biennial Conference

The University of Guyana in Brief

The University of Guyana, the national University of Guyana, now in its 60 th year, was founded in October 1963, three years before Guyana became independent. “UG”, as it is fondly referred to, offers over 160 distinct programmes in over 60 disciplines from certificates, Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s Degrees to PhDs. These programmes are offered online, face-to-face or in blended formats. UG delivers through a Guyana-based system across eight campuses. This includes its 35-year-old community-based institute for Distance and Continuing Education (IDCE) and the second major campus at Tain in Berbice celebrating its 25 th anniversary in 2025. The University of Guyana’s student population is over 11,000. Through its 8 Faculties, including an accredited College of Medical Sciences, School for Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation and the School for Earth and Environmental Sciences which is ranked #5 globally, “UG” has provided education, training and research for over 60,000 alumni over its 60-year history with significant national and global impact. Other faculties include the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, The Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry, The Faculty of Natural Sciences, The College of Behavioural Sciences and Research, The Faculty of Education and Humanities and the Faculty of Social Sciences. The University is also home to 10 Research Institutes including the internationally important Centre for Biodiversity, The Institute for Food and Nutrition Security, The Institute for Innovation, Research and Entrepreneurship, The Institute for Energy Diplomacy, The Green Institute, The Institute for Human Resiliency, Strategic Security and the Future, and the International Centre for Excellence in Early Childhood Education. The mission of the University of Guyana is to discover, generate, disseminate and apply knowledge of the highest standard for advancement of communities, the nation, and mankind within an atmosphere of academic freedom, transparent accountability, pragmatic innovation and universal respect. UG’s forward-thinking Blueprint 2040 is currently setting the course for the University’s future design and institutional response to the changing needs of Guyana, the region and the world. UG is currently celebrating its 60th anniversary with renewed focus on becoming the leading teaching and research University in Guyana. Visit UG at

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Did you Know
Berbice Dutch Creole is a now officially extinct (2005) Dutch-based creole spoken in Berbice, Guyana. View more Caribbean country profiles. View more Caribbean country profiles.
Did you Know
The first official SCL Conference was held in 1976 at the University of Guyana.

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