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Studies in Caribbean Language II:
Papers from the Ninth Biennial Conference of the SCL, 1992.

edited by Pauline Christie, Barbara Lalla, Velma Pollard, and Lawrence Carrington (St. Augustine: SCL, 1998).

**Still available at the cost of TTD185 or USD30 (plus postage).**



(in alphabetical order, according to author):

Allsopp, Jeannette. "A Methodological Comparison of Regional French Creole and Spanish Lexicography" (300-314).

Bryan, Beverley. "Some Correspondences between West African and Jamaican Creole Speakers in Learning Standard English" (100-111).

Christie, Pauline. "Noun Phrases in Dominican Creole" (265-279).

Cooper, Vincent. "A Study in 17th Century Ethnolinguistics: the Angolas in the French Colony of St. Kitts" (55-74).

Devonish, Hubert. "On the Existence of Autonomous Language Varieties in Creole Continuum Situations" (1-12).

Edwards, Walter F. "Sociolinguistic Features of Rap Lyrics: Comparisons with Reggae" (128-146).

Gibson, Kean. "An Alternative to the [+ Anterior] Tense System" (228-238).

Herzfeld, Anita. "Cohesion in Limonese Creole" (163-177).

Lalla, Barbara. "A Sociolinguistic Approach to Critical Analysis in the Caribbean" (112-127).

Lefebvre, Claire. "On Delimitation: An Aspect of Aspect " (239-249).

Lumsden, John. "The Semantic Representation of PRAN 'take' in Light Verb Constructions and Serial Verb Constructions in Haitian Creole" (280-299).

Mazama, Ama Kimpukulu (formerly Marie-Josée Cérol). "The Nature of Language Contacts in Guadeloupe during Slavery: Sociological and Linguistic Evidence" (34-54).

Plag, Ingo. "More on Infinitives in Creole: The Nature of Sranan fu and Its Complements" (250-264).

Pollard, Velma." The Lexicon of Dread Talk in Standard Jamaican English" (178-186).

Roberts, Peter. "The Fabric of Barbadian English" (13-33).

Schneider, Edgar W. "Negation Patterns and the Cline of Creoleness in English-oriented Varieties in the Caribbean" (204-227).

Shields-Brodber, Kathryn. "Hens Can Crow Too: The Female Voice of Authority on Air in Jamaica" (187-203).

Simmons-McDonald, Hazel. "Developmental Patterns in the Acquisition of English Negation by Speakers of St. Lucian French Creole" (75-99).

Wilner, John. "The Use of ben in Narrative Texts in Sranan Tongo" (147-162). (See also SCL Occasional Paper No. 27 which is still available.)


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