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Studies in Caribbean Language:
Papers from the Third Biennial Conference of the SCL,

edited by Lawrence Carrington, in collaboration with Dennis Craig and Ramon Todd Dandaré (St. Augustine: SCL, 1983).

**Still available at the cost of TTD185 or USD30 (plus postage).**



(in alphabetical order, according to author):

Allsopp, Richard. "The Creole treatment of passivity" (142-154).

Bendix, Edward. "Sandhi phenomena in Papiamentu, other Creole languages, and African languages" (112-123).

Bernhardt, Stephen. "Dialect and style shifting in the fiction of Samuel Selvon" (266-276).

Broadbridge, Claire. "A methodology for the analysis of language use in a post-creole community" (130-141).

Burrowes, Audrey, in collaboration with Richard Allsopp. "Barbadian Creole: A note on its social history and structure" (38-45).

Carter, Hazel. "How to be a tone language" (90-111)

Cassidy, Frederic. "Sources of the African element in Gullah" (75-81).

Christie, Pauline. "In search of the boundaries of Caribbean Creoles" (13-22).

D'Costa, Jean. "The West Indian novelist and language: a search for a literary medium" (252-265).

Devonish, Hubert. "Towards the establishment of an Institute for Creole Language Standardization and Development in the Caribbean" (300-316).

Dijkhoff, Martha. "The process of pluralization in Papiamentu" (217-229).

Escure, Genevieve. "The Belizean copula: a case of semantactic shift" (190-202).

Herzfeld, Anita. "Limón Creole and Panamian Creole: comparison and contrast" (23-37).

Huttar, George. "On the study of Creole lexicons" (82-89).

Jeuda, David. "Early newspaper texts in Papiamentu" (70-74).

Joseph, Yves, and Albert Valdman (245-251). "L'identification des codes linguistiques chez l'enfant haïtien."

Mufwene, Salikoko. "Observations on time reference in Jamaican and Guyanese Creoles" (155-177).

Pollard, Velma. "The social history of Dread Talk" (46-62).

Reinecke, John. "William Greenfield, a neglected pioneer creolist" (1-12).

Richardson, Linda. "The sociolinguistic situation in St. Maarten" (63-69).

Roberts, Peter. "Linguistics and language teaching" (230-244).

Robertson, Ian. "The significance of Berbice Dutch suffixes" (211-216).

Shepherd, Susan. "Creoles and language acquisition: parallels in the expression of modality" (178-189).

Tabouret-Keller, Andrée, and Robert LePage. "A longitudinal study of the expansion of the use of Creole in its relation to Belizean identity in Cayo district" (277-299).

Wells, John C. "The Irish element in Montserrat Creole " (124-129).

Winford, Donald. "A sociolinguistic analysis of negation in Trinidad English" (203-210).

Other papers on the programme of the 3rd Biennial conference:

Alleyne, M. "Creole languages in the light of standard language theory."

Cooper, V. "Monogenesis and polygenesis."

Craig, D. "The English language in Jamaica."

De Bose, C. "Creole studies and the theory of language maintenance."

De Santis, S. "Correlation of attitudes towards Providence Sign Language with attitudes towards Providence Island Deaf."

Figueroa, J.

Gilbert, G. "A Reevaluation of Schuchardt's views on the nature of creole languages."

Glock, N. "Extending the use of Saramaccan in Suriname."

Hopkins, T. "Ethnic identify as a factor in language choice."

Jonis, S. "The plural marker in Papiamento."

Lander, S. "Creole and non-Creole influences on the English of British-born children of Caribbean immigrants."

Lawton D. "Grammar of the English-based Jamaican proverb."

Marchena, J. "A different view on the production of a Papiamento dictionary."

Martinus Arion, F. "The Antillean Guinea Creole: its practical and theoretical consequences for better understasnding Papiamento and other Portuguese-based creoles."

Muller, E. "Variations in the use of Papiamento: some implications."

Tessoneau, L. "Les études créoles fâce à l'ethnographie de la communication."

Thompson, C. "A sociohistorical background to the lexicon of Guyanese English."

Todd Dandaré, R. "Social history of Papiamento."

Valdman, A. and Y. Joseph. "L'identification des codes linguistiques chez l'enfant haïtien."

Vanrompay, M. "Expérience dans l'enseignement par le créole."

*The above papers are lodged in the Department of Liberal Arts, FHE, The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine.*








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