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SIL linguist George Huttar , PhD—a charter member of SCL since its founding in 1972—was added to the ranks of honorary members during the 17th biennial general meeting of the SCL, Cayenne, July 2008. Dr. Huttar has been engaged in fieldwork and other research on Ndyuka and other creole languages of Suriname since 1968. As an untiring advocate of creole languages, he has presented papers in various linguistic societies and lectured at more than twenty universities. He is currently an Editorial Board member of the Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages , having been on the Editorial Advisory Committee since 1985. Also since that year, he has been an Editorial Board member of the Creole Language Library and an Adjunct Professor of Linguistics at the University of Texas at Arlington. He has also served SIL International in Australia and in Kenya, and is currently the Editor-in Chief of their academic publication department.


Publications in SIL International Bibliography

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2004. “Scales of basicness in semantic domains and their application to creolization.” Language and Life: Essays in Memory of Kenneth L. Pike. M. R. Wise, T. Headland, and R. Brend, eds. Pp. 119-138. Dallas: SIL International and the University of Texas at Arlington.

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1975. “Sources of creole semantic structures.” Language 51:684-695.

Selected online publications:

2004. Combined review of Maria Teresa Guasti, Language acquisition: The growth of grammar. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press and Paul Bloom, How children learn the meanings of words Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. SIL Electronic Book Reviews 2004-012.

1996. “Epenthetic -mi in Ndjuka: a transitive marker?” SIL Electronic Working Papers. 1996-003.

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